Thursday, September 19, 2019

How to Disable Tumblr Safe Mode or Bypass

tumblr safe mode view

Tumblr is a very eminent among the youth as a platform to share and explore ideas, work, and other stuff. Although it is not as popular as other social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The reason behind that is its some adult-related materials. Tumblr is flooded with many blogs and photographs that come under the adult category. It has caught people’s eyes because of its adult content.

When you open an account on Tumblr, by default your “Safe Search” mode will be on which will keep you away from seeing any adult content.

Due to adult content, it was removed from the iOS App Store as it was discovered that some child abusing posts were available on it.

If you are not 18 years old then it makes sense to be a safe search mode on but what if you are an adult? Definitely you would want to disable that option.

No worry! We will guide you on how to disable safe mode step by step. You can find here also : Tumblr Safe Mode Bypass

Disabling Safe Mode

As we have discussed, Tumblr has kept the safe mod on by default regardless of your age.

If you are under the age of 18 years, then it is no way possible to turn off the safe mode and you should indeed. You just go through normal blogs and post available.

Step 1: Login into your Tumblr account, go to the account icon and select settings.

login to tumblr<

Step 2: After clicking on Setting, you will see the Filtering option. Click on “Safe Mode” and turn it off by moving the switch left side.

safe mode

Hurray! You have done it! Now you can search and access blogs or posts which were not accessible to you because of safe mode.

However, you should keep it in mind that after you log out from Tumblr you will not be able to access that adult content, so in order to access that content, you have to login again. You don’t have to worry your earlier preference are saved and you don’t have to disable safe mode again.

Disabling It on Mobile

If you are using Tumblr’s mobile app then the process to disable safe mode is little different. 

On Android Phones: The Android Tumblr app allows you to disable the safe mode directly within the app. 

Step 1: Open your Tumblr app, click on Account icon and go to settings.

login tumblr app in mobile

Step 2: First click on General Settings then on Filtering.

tumblr settings

Step 3: Click on the safe mode to switch it off.

tumble safe mode in mobile

After making these changes, you can easily view restricted content. 

Disabling It On iPhone and iPad

Disabling it on iPhone or iPod is quite different from Android devices. In case of Android devices, you have the option to switch off the safe mode from Tumblr app itself but in case of iPhone or iPad, you have to make changes in phone settings to switch off safe mode.

Step 1: Open the Settings option from Home Screen, come down and then click on Tumblr app icon.

tumblr open in iPhone

Step 2: Go to the Tumblr settings and click on the safe mode.

tumblr setting in iPhone

Step 3: Click on “Don’t hide anything” to disable safe mode.

disable now safe mode

Now, you should be able to access all the restricted content after you open the Tumblr app again.

One thing which you should keep in mind that the safe mode setting doesn’t get sync across all your devices, so you have to switch it off separately on individual devices like laptop, iPhone or iPad, and Android.

What if you don’t have An Account?

This is another situation. Suppose you have not opened an account on Tumblr but still want to view some restricted content of a specific blog then how you will be able to check those content out? 
Not to worry at all! There are some tricks to bypass this as well. There are few websites which allow you to directly access Tumblr by bypassing the restrictions. Let us have a look on them.

Gram Union: It is a third party website which allows you to get access to Tumblr for all types of content, restricted or unrestricted. You just need to type its name. It is very easy than Tumblr itself.

Tumblr Viewer: It also provides instant access to Tumblr’s restricted content. Just type the name of any blog which you want to see and it will provide you all in a thumbnail format. You can click on the thumbnail to see the full blogs or post.

We all hate online restrictions but it is very understandable in this case of sexual and adult content. Since everyone including teenagers has access to online contents, it is better to put a restriction on it. And we have seen the ways to disable the safe mode as well. It is always advisable to see and watch only authorized content to avoid any legal issues.


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